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Malouri Uprising

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This page contains spoilers for: Traitor Rock (Novel)

The Malouri Uprising was an M42 Anti-Imperial Rebellion, whose supporters sought a return to the age when Goge Vandire ruled over the Imperium.[1b]


The seeds for the Uprising were planted, when Cadia was destroyed during the 13th Black Crusade. Though the Imperium attempted to stop the news of its destruction from spreading, they were not successful. Word of Cadia's loss eventually reached Malouri and the ears of the Priest Eris Bellona. The scale of the catastrophe made him believe that the future of Mankind hung by a fraying thread and this greatly impacted Bellona's mental state. He soon began to isolate himself in order to clear his thoughts and meditate on the perilous state of the Imperium. A solution to its problems was finally revealed to Bellona, however, when a glowing golden skull appeared to him. It claimed that in order to survive,[1a] the Imperium needed to return to the age when Goge Vandire ruled over Mankind. For this to happen, though, a cleansing purge would have to take place[1b]. The skull then said it would tell Bellona what to write, to ensure that a new age of the Imperium would begin.[1a]

When he was finished, Bellona nailed the thesis to a wall of the Cathedral of Saint Helena Richstar. It was located on the Astra Militarum's island fortress of Crannog Mons, where a fellow Ecclesiarchy Adept declared them to be Heresy. However, the thesis' ideas drew in the Elnaur Chasseurs' Lord-Marshal, Holzhauer. As he read them, the words did not seem Heretical and instead instead they expressed truths that he had never seen written before. Holzhauer was particularly drawn to the thesis' call for a military leader for the purging Crusade, that would save the Imperium. The Lord-Marshal's arrogance and ambition made him believe he was that leader. In Holzhauer's mind, divine providence had brought this opportunity to him and he had to act. He informed Bellona that he would lead the Crusade[1b], as its Arch-Duke and Holzhauer soon gathered others to Bellona's cause. These included General Conoe, who had command of the Swabian Fusiliers, Lethe Rifles and the Scarus Light Regiments, as well as General Kirkin, who had command of the Ongoth Jackals. With these forces joining his Chasseurs, Holzhauera acted and began the Malouri Uprising. It soon swept across the world, despite the efforts of Loyalist Guardsmen there to stop it, including those from Regiments that had joined the Uprising. When the world was firmly in their control, Holzhauer then declared Malouri to be independent of the Imperium. He then asked other worlds to join them in the rebellion, but the Imperium was quick to act against the Uprising.[1c]

Under the command of the Mordian General von Horne, an armada bearing local Astra Militarum Regiments to restore order. They quickly invaded Malouri and were able to push Holzhauer's forces back and reclaim most of the world. However, when the tide of battle turned against them, Holzhauer ordered his forces to retreat. They then made their escape to the island fortress of Crannog Mons and blew the bridges connecting the island the the mainland. This prevented General von Horne's forces from directly attacking the fortress and instead a protracted siege commenced. However when the siege entered its 4th year, Lord Militant Warmund seemingly grew tired of von Horne's slow pace. In order to finally defeat Holzhauer's forces, Warmund mandated that the Cadian 101st Regiment was to be sent to Malouri. After arriving from aboard the Right of Will, the Cadians quickly made ready to storm the island fortress, under the command of General Isaia Bendikt.[1c]

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