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Manachea System

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The Manachea System is a System of Segmentum Obscurus.[1]


During the Great Crusade, the Manachea System was home to an advanced Human civilization whose population numbered in the hundreds of millions. However, it was controlled by the Mitu Conglomerate, a cabal of psychic xenos. Warp-capable and with arcane technology, they forged a pocket empire, forbidding any attempt of space flight and purging all psykers. The tyrannical rulers demanded a periodic culling of their subjects' population and tributes of flesh to power their technologies. After a protracted and bloody war during the Great Crusade, the Mitu Conglomerate was annihilated by three Space Marine Legions and hundreds of Solar Auxilia cohorts.[1]

After its conquest, the human population of Manachea, perhaps used to submission, welcomed their new Imperial rulers with open arms. The worlds of the system were thereafter organized into a semi-autonomous commonwealth that came to dominate the region of space. However, during the Horus Heresy, the Manachean Commonwealth was ravaged in the Battle of the Coronid Deeps.[1]