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Mandiblasters are an Eldar weapon system in the form of pods built into either side of the helmets of Striking Scorpions.[1]

Known also as the Scorpion's Sting or the Sting of the Scorpion, Mandiblasters are neurally activated weapons which fire a hail of deadly metallic shards. These shards, while capable of cutting and lacerating flesh, are not particularly powerful alone; they act as a conductor to a follow-up intense laser burst. The laser flashes the slivers of metal into plasma, which can cause significant injury or death. Because of the neural activation of the device the accuracy is often very high and it makes an effective pre-combat rank thinner. However its range is very short, a meter or two at most, making it a weapon geared for close quarters combat.[1][2][3] Eldar Autarchs who have mastered the Striking Scorpion war path still often utilise Mandiblasters when fighting in thick close quarter combat.[Needs Citation]


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