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Mandulis was a Grand Master of the Grey Knights Chapter.


This page contains spoilers for: Grey Knights (Novel)

One of the few Grey Knights that survived the First War for Armageddon[Needs Citation], Mandulis headed a force of three hundred Knights sent to the Chaos-corrupted world of Khorion IX in 999.M40, in an attempt to banish the daemon Ghargatuloth back into the Immaterium.[1a] He succeeded, but died in the attempt. His body was the only one of the three hundred lost Knights to be recovered, and was brought back to Titan.[1b]

His sword, a Nemesis Force Weapon, played a major role in events occurring a thousand years later, in 999.M41, when Ghargatuloth attempted to rise again. After rogue Inquisitor Valinov fell to Chaos, he was interrogated, and broke just enough to ramble that Mandulis's sword was the only weapon capable of destroying Ghargatuloth again.[1c] At the request of Justicar Alaric, the sword was removed from Mandulis's casket and sent to Alaric on the Trail of Saint Evisser.[1d]


  • "Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of the daemon, I shall fear nothing. For I am what the daemon fears."[2]