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Mankarra Household Guard

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The Mankarra Household Guard were a unit of the Planetary Defence Forces of the planet Quintus.[1c]


The household guard were trusted with safekeeping the life of Quintus's Planetary Governor. However, when Quintus was invaded by an Alpha Legion warband led by the Daemon Prince Kernax Voldorius, the Mankarra Household Guard were amongst the first of the planet's defenders to forsake their former masters and submit to the traitors; they even went so far as to execute the governor and display his grisly remains to demoralise the populace and discourage rebellion.[1c]

The household guard were used as soldiers by the Alpha Legion in a number of operations besides subjugating their homeworld. They were amongst the Chaos forces sent to Cernis IV to battle the White Scars Task Force Nomad, in an attempt to eliminate Kor'sarro Khan (who had been hunting Voldorius for some time).[1a]


The Mankarra Household Guard wear black and grey armour.[1c] They also display a symbol of four stars on a red background.[1b]

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