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Manvolio was a Ratling sniper and leader of Manvolio Grand's Ratling Sharpshooters, who found fame for their actions on Crastille during the War of Weeping against the Tau Empire.[1]

For three full days, Manvolio Grand's Ratling Sharpshooters held a narrow bridge over the Widowash River. The Tau attempted to dislodge them 6 times, and each time the Ratlings beat them back, stymying the efforts of Kroot and Tau Pathfinder squads and eliminating several Kroot Shapers and Pathfinder Shas'ui. The Ratlings also eliminated a pack of Kroot Hounds, the last beast being put down scant few meters from their lines. It was only when the Tau committed several Stealthsuit teams that the Ratlings were defeated. Most were gunned down before they could flee, but Manvolio and his closest cronies escaped, and were welcomed as heroes upon their return to Imperial lines.[1]