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Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Mara-V[3] px
Segmentum: Segmentum Obscurus[1][2]
Sector: Calixis Sector[1][2]
Subsector: Hazeroth Abyss[1][2]
System: Mara[3]
Population: Formerly 32,000[3]
Affiliation: Imperium[1][2]
Class: Ice World, formerly Penal World[1][2]
Tithe Grade: None[3]

Mara-V, known as Mara, is an Ice World in the Calixis Sector. It was a former arbites penal colony [1][2] between 743.M41 and 768.M41, and before that it was an independent mining settlement between 980.M40 and 191.M41 [3] . The planet is now forbidden by the Inquisition after a series of warp incursions in 768.M41[10] which killed 78 % of the population of 32,000. The Mara system is now under an inquisition imposed naval quarantine [3] , and is only accessible with an authorization from the Calixis Conclave.[3]


Between 980.M40 and 191.M41, Mara is an independent mining settlement.

Between 743.M41 and 768.M41, Mara is used as a arbites penal colony for the « worst recidivist elements of the sector » [11] ; those prisoners are used in the mining operations occuring at that time.

In 768.M41 a series of warp incursions killed 20,000 inmates ; those incursions are theorized by inquisitor Ark Ashtyn to be the consequences of a « psychic « critical mass » » formed by the human presence, which led to the creation of warp-related phenomena and the predations of the population by the Psychneuein. [8] After the incursions and the abandonment of the penal colony, a cyclonic bombardment was called but the squadron in charge of this operation disappeared.

Since, the Inquisition created and is maitaining a blockade around Mara-V and the Mara system ; this quarantine is enforced by the Imperial Navy [13] with « a squadron of monitor craft » [12] and a light cruiser, which makes unschedule sweeps of the system’s outer reach. [12]

In 810.M41, the troopship Vervilix is forced to make a landing on the world of Mara, and the few hundred survivors, out of the 5000 guardsmen, were saved by the Imperial Navy after being stranded for 5 days on the planet [13] [7]. Many were executed, but the survivors still alive are of certain interest to radical Inquisitors. [13]

The Amaranthine Syndicate is also present on Mara, but is limited to Miss Book, a Slaugth destructor disguise as a human [6] with a sizable force of mercenaries and hereteks. [5]


As an Ice world, Mara is covered by permanent glaciations mesuring up to severals kilometers [3], water also exist in a gaseous form on Mara. The planet is also home to valuable metallic elements and high-pressure crystal strata [3] .« Terran life forms » cannot exist on Mara without an artificial assistance.

Notable Locations

Ice Station

The mine levels

The Blind Tesseract


Psychneuein [4] [14]

Astral Specters [4]

Unclean Sprits [4]

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