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Marauder Destroyer

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the plane. For other uses of Marauder, see Marauder (disambiguation).
Marauder Destroyer

The Marauder Destroyer is a ground-attack variant of the Marauder Bomber. Sacrificing bomb payload in favour of direct firepower, the Marauder Destroyer is specialised for low level attacks.[2]


The first recorded use of the Marauder Destroyer was during the Second War for Armageddon. Heavy losses in Imperial Aircraft allowed for Ork dominance of the skies over certain areas of Armageddon. In response, the remaining Marauder bombers were refitted for night operations and flying at low levels to avoid detection. With the new tactics came a new payload, sacrificing bomb payload for additional direct-fire weaponry. Marauder Destroyers have since been used in other conflicts, including the more recent Third War for Armageddon.[1a]

Tactical Role

The Marauder Destroyer is used primarily as a low level attack craft for close ground support missions. Indeed the deafening roar of a low-flying Marauder Destroyer often has a positive impact on friendly ground troops' morale. However it lacks the bomb payload for strategic bombing, and while adequate for interdiction missions there are generally too few Destroyers for it to be wasted in this role. Favorite targets of Destroyers include airbases, headquarters and supply depots. These heavily-defended targets, which might normally take an entire squadron of Marauders to carpet-bomb from high altitude, can be more easily destroyed with less risk of failure by a smaller number of Destroyers. Thus Marauder Destroyers are crewed only by hand picked Imperial Navy pilots.[1a]

Technical Specifications

The Marauder Destroyer has additional tracking and sensor systems compared to the original bomber model allowing it to fly at night at heights as low as 100 meters and at speeds in excess of 1500 kph.[1a] The much smaller bomb bay housed within its armoured superstructure can carry only six Bombs, while mounted alongside the ground surveillance auspex in the nose section are three twin-linked Autocannons supplied by 150-round ammunition drums.[2] While it retains the turret-mounted twin-linked Heavy Bolters atop the fuselage for defensive fire, the tail-mounted Heavy Bolters are replaced by twin-linked Assault Cannons, which are used to strafe targets following the main attack run.[1a] Like other Imperial aircraft, Marauder Destroyers can receive further upgrades.

Technical Specifications
Type Ground Attack Bomber[1b] Operational Ceiling 41000m, with jet engines
Vehicle Name Marauder Destroyer Max Speed 1800kph
Forge World of Origin Cypra-Mundi Range 15000km in atmosphere
Known Patterns I-VII Main Armament 6x nose mounted Autocannons
2x rear turret mounted Assault Cannons
2x dorsal turret mounted Heavy Bolters
Crew Pilot, Navigator, Bombardier, Nose Gunner, Tail Gunner, Turret Gunner Secondary Armament 3000lbs internal payload
8x Hellstrike Missiles
Powerplant 4 x J79-CS Afterburning Ramjet Main Ammunition 300 rounds
Weight 43 tonnes empty Secondary Ammunition 2000 rounds
Length 19.2m Armour
Wingspan 24.6m Superstructure 45mm
Height 4.8m with landing gear down Hull 30mm

Navy Wings known to contain Marauder Destroyers

Imperial Marauder Destroyer

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