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Marbas is a winged Daemon Prince[1a] and the only member of the Fallen to have reached Daemonhood[2][Conflicting sources]. His Warp-constructed body seems designed to mock the Dark Angels, as it is covered in the unmistakable elements of the First Legion's armour and his head is shaped like one of ancient Caliban's much-feared lions.[1a]


Marbas first came to the Dark Angels' attention in M36, when the Chapter received reports of a Fallen bearing his name leading a Chaos Warband. How the Daemon Prince of the same name came to earn the vile favours of the Dark Gods, or even if it is the same being, is unknown. All that can be sure is that Marbas now speaks too much truth and his actions in the aftermath of the Great Rift's creation have made him infamous to the Unforgiven.[1a]

This occurred after he led a Daemon army in invading The Rock, which caused the Dark Angels Chapter to suffer heavy casualties[1b]. The Grand Master Sammael was nearly among them, but the Deathwing Grand Master Belial intervened in time to prevent Marbas from crushing the Ravenwing Master to death. Before Belial could destroy Marbas, however, the Daemon Prince escaped back into the Warp[1c], and his daemonic army quickly followed him. Though it seemed as if Marbas achieved little beyond mindless slaughter and destruction, Supreme Grand Master Azrael soon discovered that the Fallen Luther was freed during the Daemon Prince's invasion. Though the rest of the Dark Angels and their Successor Chapters are unaware of this[1b], the mere fact that Marbas invaded The Rock has now made him the Unforgiven's second most pursued Fallen, after Cypher.[1a] None seek him out more than Sammael, as the Ravenwing Master seeks revenge for nearly dying at the Daemon Prince's hand.[1d]


Conflicting sources

  • An article in White Dwarf 464 names and depicts the existence of other Daemon Princes of the Fallen.[3]

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