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Marduk Sedras

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Marduk Sedras was a Eskaton within the Dark Angels Legion's Dreadwing and took part in both the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.[1]


A veteran of the earliest battles of the Unification Wars and had seen battle on countless worlds alongside Primarchs and the Emperor himself. His experience served to inspire and educate new recruits. He originally belonged to the Host of Stone but later entered the ranks of the Dreadwing. Rather than join the Council of Masters on Gramarye Sedras opted to accept a lesser rank of Master so that he could remain in the field.[3b]

At the start of the Heresy, Sedras was one of the oldest living Space Marines, having faithfully served the Emperor for more than 250 years. There was very little that he had not seen, so Sedras could impart his wisdom to nearby Dark Angels and inspiring them to even greater deeds.[1] During the Thramas Crusade Sedras commanded the Dreadwing in several battles and during the last stage of the Crusade launched a Phosphex purge of Thramas to prevent it from falling into the hands of the Night Lords. After landing on the planet Sedras slew the surviving Night Lords commander Nakrid Thole.[3a]


In battle, Marduk Sedras wielded the sword Death of Worlds[2] as well as a Plasma Burner and Phosphex Grenades.[3b] He also wore a relic suit of Cataphractii-pattern Terminator Armour known as the Regalia of the Shattered Sceptre.[4]


Marduk Sedras[4]