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Margo Merdena

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Margo Merdena[1]

Margos Medina is a member of House Orlock.[1]

The 7th daughter of Slate Merdena, Margo is an infamous Road Boss of House Orlock still shy of her 30th birthday. She has nonetheless garnered a lot of respect from her peers for opening up the Dustsea road to Hive Rothgol. Margo was able to best a dozen Orlock gang bosses in brutal succession, uniting their riders under her control and launching a raid against the largest Ash Waste Nomad settlements in the Deadsea. In the savage battle a Dust Stalker tore off her leg, but she still managed to kill the beast with her harpoon gun and use its coil to staunch the bleeding. For an hour she lay in a pool of her own blood, killing any who tried to finish her off. Afterwards she fashioned new legs from wheel blades and axle springs from her wrecked vehicle.[1]

Margo moves terrifyingly fast for a woman with augmented legs, often dashing across the ash in a blur of movement to hack someone apart with an axe kick. To help her get around on her rig, she has created a gauntlet-mounted harpoon gun, firing a spear into her intended target and then dragging it, or herself to where she needs to be. This comes in especially handy when boarding enemy vehicles, but no less so when it comes to climbing through the the underhive.[1]