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Mark Gibbons

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Mark Gibbons is an artist working for Games Workshop. His bio on the Black Library website states -

"MARK GIBBONS left art school after a fortnight painting with custard and gravy, and joined a rock band - not, perhaps, the wisest of decisions considering his choice of career. Hailing from wild and woolly Wales (just down the road from Tom Jones, actually), he cut his artistic teeth in TV and advertising before Games Workshop lured him into what he fondly calls his 'spiky period'. Mark came over 'all Celtic' recently, when 2000AD commissioned a number of Slaine portraits from him. He's obsessed with large, impractical motorcycles which worries his Granny terribly. Finally, Mark wants you all to know that he rather fancies Samantha Janus (just in case she has a younger brother who reads this sort of thing)."[1]


Selected works include -