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Mark of Chaos

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The Mark of Chaos refers to the physical and spiritual changes which a Chaos God might choose to brand his most favored servants with. Along with the mark, the bearer becomes a Champion of Chaos, a recognized servant devoted for the rest of his existence to championing the cause of that Chaos god in the mortal universe.


Chaos Space Marines can either worship all four of the Chaos Gods in all their glory or dedicate their lives to one particular God. Each have their own rewards.

Mark of Chaos Undivided


The Mark of Chaos Undivided is a glyph given to a follower of Chaos who devotes him/herself to all four of the Dark Gods. While the prayers of a mortal devoted to Chaos Undivided may be answered, they are unlikely to receive the gifts that come from worshiping just one god.

A follower of Chaos as a whole may also honour the lesser entities of the warp if they are more likely to help him.

Others view Chaos Undivided as a unified whole, the various powers as actually an aspect of one god. They may give their service to one god but are likely to never gain much favour with an individual power.

Finally, others seek to use Chaos as a means to get to their own ends. This is often risky and only two outcomes exist, daemonhood or damnation.[1]

Mark of Khorne

Khorne mark.png

An individual bearing the Mark of Khorne is imbued with a portion of his patron's battle rage - he becomes even more ferocious in close combat and loses all sense of fear or self-restraint. Khornate warriors tend to eshew ranged combat in favour of slaughtering foes at close quarters with axes and blades. Often the skull rune of Khorne is branded or otherwise etched on the bearer's flesh. Amongst the most feared bearers of this mark are the Berserkers of the World Eaters.[1]

Mark of Slaanesh

Slaanesh mark.png

The Mark of Slaanesh is a mark that drives the bearer to fulfill Slaanesh's undying hunger for pleasure. The bearer is addicted to seeking out new pleasures and are often cloaked in a supernatural glamour to disturb their adversaries. Many bearers of the mark gain the ability to emity a piercing scream that disorientates their foes. Amongst the most revered bearers of this mark are the Noise Marines of the Emperor's Children.[1]

Mark of Nurgle


The Mark of Nurgle is given to Nurgle's greatest followers and they become a living host to the powers of death and decay. Those with the Mark become bloated with pestilence, their rotting flesh makes them near immune to pain and extremely difficult to kill. One of the most common bearers of this mark are the Plague Marines of the Death Guard[1]

Mark of Tzeentch

Tzeentch mark.png

The Mark of Tzeentch is given to the followers of Tzeentch and bestows psychic powers on the bearer. Amongst the most powerful bearers of the Mark of Tzeentch are the Sorcerers of the Thousand Sons.[1]

Mark of Chaos Ascendant

The Mark of Chaos Ascendant is a mark unique to Abaddon the Despoiler, a symbol of the favour he has earned from each of the Chaos Gods. The mark gives him the bonuses of the marks of Khorne, Nurgle, Tzeentch, and Slaanesh. This mark is proof of the fact the gods have a plan for Abaddon, and as such he is immune to things that would kill him instantly.