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Markos Dar Draconis

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Sire Markos Dar Draconis is a Knight of House Draconis, holding the rank of Herald of his Knight House. He is commonly reckoned to be amongst the greatest warriors of the House.[1]


Markos became a Knight during the First Ork War of Adrastapol. Piloting the Knight Errant Dracon's Wrath, he marched out with a lance of Knights from House Draconis's keep, the Draconspire, into the Adrapotine Mountains to combat the Orks, only to inadvertently encounter the Warboss Skarjaw, the leader of the Orks invading the planet. During the fighting, Markos was able to decapitate Skarjaw with his Thermal Cannon and his tale of single-handedly winning the war despite this being his first action as a Knight was widely told throughout Adrastapol. Although Markos claimed to Danial Tan Draconis and Luk Tan Chimaeros that this story was an exaggeration, Markos still kept a tooth ripped from Skarjaw's head as a trophy around his neck.[1]

Since the First Ork War, Markos went on to earn fame and glory as the Herald of House Draconis. He is known to have walked through a firestorm on Terrathos, killed a dozen xenos war engines during the war on Dortun's Landing and beheaded the Separatist Tyrant of Farhaj.[1]

By the time of the war on Donatos, Markos was now pilot of the Knight Warden Honourblaze.[2a] During the Betrayal on Donatos, Honourblaze was badly damaged and Markos himself was severely wounded fighting the traitor Dunkan Tan Wyvorn. Despite the injuries suffered by him and his Knight, Markos survived the battle and Honourblaze was repaired.[2b]

Now sporting throat augmetics, he still served as Herald during the Second Ork War of Adrastapol.[3]