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Maroth was a high-ranking sorcerer of the Harrowing, a Chaos warband led by Gzrel.


Maroth served as Gzrel's High Magister (a rank similar to Chief Librarian), as well as second-in-command of the warband.[1x]

After the attack on the Titan Child, Maroth tortured three Renegade Space Marine captured aboard, going so far as to eat the eye belonging to one, Astraeos. [1a] Soon thereafter, however, an emissary ship arrived carrying the exiled Thousand Sons sorcerer Tolbek, searching for Ahzek Ahriman. Gzrel and Maroth were ignorant of him, but Tolbek realized that Ahriman was in fact one of Gzrel's sorcerers, under the alias Horkos. Tolbek tried to apprehend him, and Ahriman fought back, unleashing his psychic powers in an attack that killed Gzrel and two of his sorcerers (Xiatsis and Cottadaron), and destroyed Maroth's mind.[1b]

When Ahriman proceeded to free the Renegade Space Marines, he invited Astraeos to take revenge by eating both of Maroth's eyes, and Astraeos accepted.[1c]

Maroth spent most of the following months skulking around the Titan Child, but, for his own reasons, helped Astraeos and his brother marine Kadin take over Amon's flagship, the Sycorax, after Ahriman had been captured by Amon.[1d]