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Marshal (Black Templars)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Black Templars rank; for the Imperial Guard rank, see Marshal (Imperial Guard).
Black Templars Marshal

A Marshal leads a Black Templars Crusade and is second only to the High Marshal. A marshal can be compared to a company commander although the number of Space Marines under his command can vary.[Needs Citation]

Marshals are chosen from the Sword Brethren, the Black Templars elite troops.[Needs Citation]

Known Marshals





Black Templars Forces
Headquarters High MarshalMarshalCastellanSword Brethren Terminator Command SquadEmperor's ChampionMaster of SanctityReclusiarchChaplainTechmarineApothecary
Elites Sword Brethren TerminatorSword BrethrenDreadnought
Troops NeophyteInitiateAssault Initiate
Vehicles RhinoRazorbackLand RaiderLand Raider CrusaderLand Raider RedeemerLand SpeederBikeAttack BikePredatorVindicatorWhirlwindStalkerHunter
Aircraft ThunderhawkStormravenStormtalonStormhawkStorm EagleDrop Pod