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Sister Martika was an infamous Celestian of the Adepta Sororitas.[1]

The Bones of Saint Emiline

Martika's rise to infamy began when the Ork Waaagh! of the Arch Maniac of Calvera crashed into the Yerena System, destroying all in its path. One of the worlds on in the Orks path of attack was the Ecclesiarchy Shrine World of Emiline's Hope, named after Saint Emiline and guarded by the Order of the Bleeding Heart, a lesser Orders Militant of the Adepta Sororitas. The Canoness of the Order reluctantly ordered the planets evacuation as the Orks drew ever closer as her fellow Sisters took the blessed bones of Saint Emiline and made for Caprium, the nearest spaceport.[1]

However the Orks moved swifter than expected and the Sisters convoy was ambushed by a force of Kommandoz as they stopped for morning prayers. Caught off-guard, the Sisters were mercilessly cut down and their Rhinos were looted by the greenskins. However as the Ork returned to their camp, they were quietly followed by a young Celestian Martika. The Celestian, hiding under the corpses of her sisters, swore vengeance against the Orks. As night fell, she infiltrated the camp and planted grenades throughout the compound. Upon detonation, the camp erupted into chaos as Sister Martika reclaimed her Orders Rhino and drove it through the Orks. She escaped from the camp and made towards Caprium with the bones of Saint of Emiline still secure in her Rhino. However before long the Orks began to pursue in faster Warbuggy's, Warbike's, and Wartrukk's. Knowing she could not outrun the Greenskins, Martika slewed from the road and began weaving her way through the dense nearby forest, navigating its trees as the Orks slammed into them.[1]

However more Ork Wartrukk's remained in pursuit, and they shot apart portions of Martika's Rhino. Martika sideswiped both and sent them spiraling into a ravine. As the Rhino finally cleared the forest, Martika reached the outer walls of Caprium. The remaining pursuing Ork vehicles were blasted apart by the defensive guns of the Spaceport. Finally at her destination with the Bones of Saint Emiline, Martika gave thanks to the Emperor and her rhino, which eventually became her personal transport for the rest of her life.[1]