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Masque of the Fading Dawn

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The Masque of the Fading Dawn is a Harlequin Company, led by the Great Harlequin Duruthiel. The company's base of operations is a ship called the Last Laugh that journeys through the Webway.[1a]

After Duruthiel's leadership abilities were questioned by the Harlequins of the Masque of the Reaper's Mirth[1d], the Great Harlequin responded by conducting a raid on an Ork planet. Emerging from a Webway Gate in a lightning-fast aerial ambush, the Eldar sowed confusion amidst the greenskins and quickly went on to annihilate the Ork Fightas and Deffkoptas. After achieving air superiority by bringing down a massive Ork gunship, the Masque's Skyweavers, Starweavers and Voidweavers drew off the majority of the greenskins while Duruthiel led his Troupers on a mission to assassinate the Ork King.[1b][1c]

Distracting the Orks by releasing his human prisoners and sowing chaos throughout the Orks' primary fortress, Duruthiel was able to force a confrontation with the Warboss, decapitating him with his Power sword. The Masque of the Fading Dawn then retreated back into the Webway.[1d]

Known Members of the Masque