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Masque of the Laughing Shadows

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The Masque of the Laughing Shadows[1]

The Masque of the Laughing Shadows are a Harlequin Company, that are famed for their supremely manipulative manner and the mayhem their schemes have caused.[1]


In battle, the Laughing Shadows make extensive use of Skyweavers, Starweavers and Voidweavers, which deliver a lightning fast strike against their foes. Ten members that are considered heroes to the Masque, will also fight together in a formation known as the Heroes' Path. It represents the heroism and fury that Ulthanesh and Eldanesh showed within the lair of the Prince of Ygghs.[1]

Known Members

Known Formations

Known Vehicles


The Masque of the Laughing Shadows were created by the Games Workshop employee Tim Davis and they were featured in Warhammer: Visions 27.[1]