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Masque of the Sunset Reflection

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The Masque of the Sunset Reflection was a Harlequin Company that was attacked by The Masque of Slaanesh and a legion of the Pleasure God's Daemons, as they gathered to close off a contaminated section of the Webway. Far from the light of any star, the two sides spun, flipped and contorted themselves in a deadly yet beautiful battle, that made even Slaanesh delighted at the sight of the breath-taking feats of acrobatics. This led the Chaos God to order the Masque of Slaanesh, to ensure that the Sunset Reflection survived the battle as a reward for their impressive grace. Though after the order was given, the Harlequins and Daemons still fought on for several days, until every member of the Sunset Reflection, but its Shadowseer was slain. However the Shadowseer then skipped through a Webway Portal and has never been seen again.[1]