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Masque of the Veiled Path

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Warrior and rune of the Masque of the Veiled Path

The Masque of the Veiled Path is a Harlequin Company.[1]


Known as tricksters, manipulators, and riddle-smiths, the Veiled Path are capricious even by Harlequin standards. Other Harlequins see them as dangerously untrustworthy, for they have been the architect of countless atrocitiets. It was they, for example, who sent one of their number to manipulate Prince Yriel into taking up the Spear of Twilight. It was the Veiled Path who indirectly set Lady Malys upon the road for her strange encounter in the Webway and the bond with the Laughing God that resulted.[1]

The Masque's battles and performances are hallucinogenic tangles of double-meaning and mirage. It is not unknown for spectators or allies to vanish without a trace, and the Veiled Path has betrayed pacts without number. But far from being repugnant of their deeds, they seem to take a malicious glee in their treachery.[1]

One of such examples - the Purge of Xerla IX, when the Cadian 1117th were almost destroyed by an incursions of daemons. The Harlequins of the Veiled Path saved the world and turned the Daemon lords upon themselves. But when the battle ends, Harlequins lured the surviving defenders into the "safety" of the Webway, never to be seen again.[2a]

The Masque has recently become heavily involved in Imperial affairs at the behest of Eldrad Ulthran, aiding mankind in the closing stages of the Thirteenth Black Crusade and helping in the revival of Roboute Guilliman.[3]

The Masque of the Veiled Path later organized a wake for the recently assassinated Overlord of Commorragh, Asdrubael Vect, but the entire affair proved a trap to resurrect the Archon with new power.[4]

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