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Master Shaper

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Master Shaper[2]

The Master Shaper is the most dominant member of the Shapers and has overall responsibility for the genetic makeup of their Kroot. They are also responsible for passing on genetic material to senior members of other Kroot forces. They also supervise the arrival of new genetic material from other Kroot forces and its insertion into their own Kindred. He also negotiates contracts with employers.

The Master Shaper is armed with a Kroot rifle and he may also choose equipment from the Kroot Armoury. He may be accompanied by 2 Kroot Hounds and may be upgraded with the Hyperactive Nymune Organ. If he has not taken Kroot Hounds or the Hyperactive Nymune Organ then he may take wings, much like Vulture Kindred. He may also be made into a Kroot Shaman, with access to minor psychic powers.