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Master of the Administratum

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The Master of the Administratum is the title of the head of the Administratum.[1]


The holder of this prestigious rank holds a position on the High Lords of Terra. Among the High Lords this rank is the most powerful. The Master of the Administratum is also one of the the key directors of the Departmento Munitorum.[4] Accordingly, the holder of this rank is probably the single most politically powerful and influential man in the galaxy. He is known as the primus inter pares, the first among equals on the Senatorum Imperialis.[6a]

The title, however, is purely nominal. As a High Lord, he has no time to devote to the Administratum, and no duties beyond the occasional ceremonial appearance.[1]


Following the formation of the High Lords of Terra, the Master of the Administratum emerged as the most powerful of the High Lords. This status was challenged by the emergence of the Ecclesiarch as a permanent member of the High Lords, starting the Age of Apostasy. Following the rise of Goge Vandire as Master of the Administratum, his use of assassins and manipulation of Ecclesiarch Paulis III allowed him to assume a dominant role among the High Lords. This was further strengthened when he assumed the post of Ecclesiarch. Following his death at the hands of Alicia Dominica, the Ecclesiarch lost many of its original powers, and the Master of the Administratum reemerged as the dominant High Lord.[2]

After Taros was declared Ex Imperius Rebellis, the Master of the Administratum signed a document that declared Planetary Governor Aulis a traitor and listed over 100 crimes of which he was guilty that were punishable by death.[3]

After the rebirth of Roboute Guilliman following the formation of the Great Rift the Master of the Administratum, Irthu Haemotalion, lost much of his power and influence to the Primarch.[6b] Haemotalion eventually led a coup known as the Hexarchy.[9]

Known Masters of the Administratum


Members of the High Lords of Terra
Permanent Members Master of the AdministratumEcclesiarchInquisitorial RepresentativeFabricator-GeneralGrand Provost MarshalPaternoval EnvoyMaster of the AstronomicanMaster of the Adeptus Astra TelepathicaGrand Master of AssassinsLord Commander of the Imperium
Rotating Members Lord Commander of Segmentum SolarLord Commander MilitantCardinals of the Holy SynodAbessChancellor of the Estate ImperiumSpeaker for the Chartist CaptainsLord High AdmiralCaptain-General
Lesser Members Chirurgeon-GeneralChancellor of the Imperial CouncilCommandant of the Schola ProgeniumLord Constable of the SynopticonMistress Plenary of the Catacombs
Former Members High Lord of the Imperial Chancellery