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Master of the Hunt

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the White Scars title; for the Audio Drama, see Master of the Hunt (Audio Drama).
Kor'sarro Khan, the White Scars' fifty-first Master of the Hunt.[1b]

Master of the Hunt (Chogorian: Ahn-azen) is a title used by the White Scars Space Marine Chapter. This Space Marine Captain is tasked to hunt down any enemy who has clashed with the chapter in the past and, through luck or skill, managed to survive the encounter.[1b] The first Master of the Hunt was Jubal Khan during the Horus Heresy.[2]

The Master of the Hunt is dispatched to hunt down a specific enemy every twenty-five years. The title is traditionally bestowed on the Captain of the 4th Company[1a], although the current incumbent, Captain Kor'sarro Khan, commands the 3rd.[1b]

Known Masters of the Hunt

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