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Dark Angels Grand Master

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Dark Angels Company Master[4a]

A Dark Angels Grand Master is a rank used by Dark Angels and their Successor Chapters for certain senior officers.


Contrary to most Chapters which are led by Chapter Masters, the Dark Angels and their Successors maintain close ties, bound by an Inner Circle of Grand Masters sworn to hunt down the Fallen. Dark Angels Grand Masters are often given leadership over specific duties and organizations, such as the Chapter Fleet, Deathwing, Ravenwing, and Librarium. The Dark Angels maintain 13 Grand Masters (the 10 Company Masters and the Masters of the Chaplains, Librarians, and the Armoury). Overall command of the Dark Angels and the Unforgiven is given to the Supreme Grand Master, always a member of the Dark Angels Inner Circle who is selected by his predecessor.[1a][3]

Notable Dark Angels Supreme Grand Masters

Notable Grand Masters

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