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Maug (Xenos Species)

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The Maug are a liquid-based sentient Xenos species, that dwell in the Vadrius System.[1]

They are able to summon weapons at will from their bodies and are even capable of speaking a crude form of Low Gothic. Due to their physical makeup, the Maug have a amorphous 'spirit-like' appearance, which led early reports from Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator Fleets to describe them as Daemons. However later studies revealed the Maug's true nature to the Imperium and after they were declared to be Xenos Horrificus, the species was marked for destruction. Due to their liquid bodies, though, the species have proven to be almost unkillable, though their war with the Imperium continues to this day. The Rogue Trader and Xenologist Janus Draik, however, believes that with the threats now facing the Imperium, it will not be able to devote the resources needed to end such a small-scale threat, as the Maug.[1]

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