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A maw-fluke in underhive caves.[1]

Maw–flukes are a nasty species of hive vermin whose evolution is likely due to the extremely toxic conditions found in the lowest reaches of any major Imperial hive.[1]


Maw–flukes prefer dark, damp, and enclosed environments, making the lowest reaches of hive cities perfect for them. They have often been found swimming in the toxic channels and waterways of hive cities across the Calixis Sector. They frequently hunt in small groups, but their burrows have been known to house upwards of a dozen or more. The Maw–fluke’s body (up to one and a half metres in length) is segmented and has multiple small, articulated legs, allowing it to scale most sloping surfaces and worm its way through tight spaces. If they cannot find a way around an obstruction, they are quite capable of burrowing through rock and even some metal alloys with their shovel–like mandibles and maw full of sharp, grinding teeth.[1]

Maw–flukes prefer to hunt through ambush. When they attack, they prefer to use the mandibles located on either side of their mouths. Besides the crushing damage, these mandibles are also capable of injecting a powerful paralytic poison making the prey effectively helpless.[1]

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