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Maxima Atavian

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Maxima Atavian[4] is a Space Marine Sergeant from the Ultramarines' 2nd Company, under Captain Cato Sicarius. He commands one of the two Devastator Squads assigned to the 2nd Company.[1a]


His squad, nicknamed "The Titan Slayers" was awarded the Principex Maxima for their destruction of the Renegade Warlord Titan Soulmauler.[1a]

Atavian has a long scar running down one side of his face, ending in a bionic eye.[2a]

Black Reach

During the Assault on Black Reach in 855 M41[1b], Squad Tirian were deployed to Black Reach with the rest of the Second Company against Waaagh! Zanzag. After the liberation of Ghospora Hive from the Orks, the Titan Slayers accompanied Sicarius and the rest of the company to hunt down the Warboss.[2b]


During the attack of the Bloodborn on Ultramar, in 854999.M41[1b], the 2nd Company was deployed to Espandor.[3]