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Maximmion Voss

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Maximmion Voss is a member of Deathwatch Kill-team Talon.


A Sergeant of the Imperial Fists Chapter, Voss was much shorter than the average Space Marine, possibly because of some quirk or defect in his geneseed. He compensated for his lack of height with rigorous physical training, developing his muscles to a degree that made him immensely strong even for a Space Marine. His power armour had to be re-fitted to accommodate his bulk several times, until finally his Captain ordered him to stop growing.[3a]

Voss gained the nickname Omni among the new inductees at Watch Fortress Damaroth, a recognition that he was adept at numerous fields: tech-interface, weapons, vehicles and demolitions. As his eventual teammate Siefer Zeed (who may have coined the nickname in the first place) joked, "About the only thing he can't do is fit into narrow spaces."[3b] During close combat training, Voss stunned the Watch Sergeants on duty by ripping the arms off a combat servitor with his bare hands, a feat that should have been impossible without the enhanced strength of his armour.[3c]

Omni was a keen proponent of open combat, and like many of his Chapter, once he had engaged in battle, found it difficult to withdraw before achieving victory. He and Zeed formed a firm friendship and combat rapport early on in their service together, something that team leader Karras envied.[1]

Heavy weapons Voss has been known to carry inclue Heavy Flamers and Heavy Bolters.[1][2]