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A medi-pack is a device used by the Imperial Guard to help patch up wounded soldiers on the battlefield. It is taken by medics in the Command Squad. It is sometimes also known as a Narthecium and is commonly in use in command squads rather than in units of standard guardsmen. The design of the medi-pack can range from a small medical kit to a complex scanning devices depending on the original source of the regiment and the planet's technological base.[1]

Medi-packs are also in use by other Imperial groups and come in a variety of models. Basic medi-pack kits will usually contain drugs and bandages to treat a variety of injuries and illnesses, such as cataplasm patches and contraseptics. More advance models might include a diagnostic Cogitator with bio-scanner and probes to determine the patient's ailments. The most advanced types, available to the elite of the Imperium, can include cast sprays, tox wands, synthskin applicators and more.[2][3][4]

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