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Medusa (Planet)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Planet; for the other uses, see Medusa (disambiguation).
Map Basic Data Planetary Image
Small cross.pngMedusa
Name: Medusa MedusaPlanet.jpg
Segmentum: Segmentum Obscurus
Sector: Unknown
System: Sthenelus System
Population: Unknown
Affiliation: Imperium
Class: Adeptus Astartes Homeworld
Tithe Grade: Adeptus Non

Medusa IV[5b] is the homeworld of the Iron Hands Space Marine Chapter.


Medusa is a harsh realm of perpetual gloom, located extremely close to the Eye of Terror. With a dark and polluted sky, Medusa's sun rarely shines on the planet's surface and the world's geology is highly unstable, with earthquakes and volcanic eruptions constantly creating and destroying mountain ranges and seas. The people of Medusa are hardy and flourish despite the hostile environment. The population is broken up into clans who viciously compete and vie for natural resources and safe ground, as the unpredictable nature of Medusa's landscape means little can built in one place for long, save a few areas of relative calm which are mostly reserved for the Iron Hands Chapter. As the nomadic clans seek a new settlement, great caterpillar-like mining haulers carry their personal possessions and resources.[1]


It is speculated by the Ordo Astra that Medusa was once the site of a battle between the Necrons and their ancient foes, and that a Necron presence on the world could endure to this day.[6a]

During the 13th Black Crusade of Abaddon the Despoiler, Medusa would come under massive invasion from Chaos forces. The ensuing clash saw the largest tank battle in the Imperium since the Horus Heresy.[2]

Sometime after the formation of the Great Rift, Chaos Space Marine forces from the Death Guard, Cleaved, and Purge raided Medusa. Though the Iron Hands drove off the attack, the damage was great and parts of Medusa have since been quarantined due to infection.[4]


Known Locations

  • Felgarrthi Mountains is a great mountain range that rose high over the basin of the plain. It consists of ten big countenances, each hundreds of metres in height, towering from the stormblasted summit.[5c]
  • Felgarrthi Steppe is a plain at the foot of the mountains of the same name[5e].
    • Meduson, the only permanent settlement on Medusa.[5e]
  • Karaashi, the great Ice Pinnacle where Ferrus Manus originally crashed onto Medusa, is still present to this day. However it is said to be half the size it once was.[1]
  • Oraanus Rocks — a mountain ridge that extended for several hundred kilometers (north to south of the planet) and consists of ultra-hard lumps of diorite — a metamorphic crystal peculiar only to Medusa planet. It is a place of the Trial of Rocks — a test for Neophytes of the Iron Hands.[5a]
  • Halls of Conquest - The 10 mobile Land Behemoths of each Iron Hands Clan.[6a]
  • Telstarax, a colossal planet-circling space station dating back to the Dark Age of Technology. It is believed that the Telstarax was used to plunder Medusa of its resources.[3]
  • Gorgon's Forge - Tech-Vault originally built by Ferrus Manus.[6a]
  • Spukarri - The Land of Shadow and the site where Ferrus Manus bested Asirnoth, the Great Silver Wyrm. The mountain raise is said to have been personally collapsed by Ferrus himself.[6a]
  • Oraanus - Realm of Clan Dorrvok which serves as a testing ground for new recruits.[6b]

Fauna and Flora

  • Mountain Yarrk — Creatures resembling something between a giant leopard and primate, several meters tall and with broad shoulders. Their long arms and powerful bodies are covered with black shaggy hair and their heads had manes. Yarrks are very fierce beasts and frequently used by the young Medusan clanmen to compete with for the attention of the Iron Hands recruiting new neophytes.[5d]
  • Oryx — Beasts with antlers.[5d]


The inhabitants of Medusa, including the Iron Hands, speak a variety of dialects of a language known as Medusan. Known dialects include:

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