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Megatrakk Scrapjet

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A Megatrakk Scrapjet[1]

The Megatrakk Scrapjet is a wrecked Ork aircraft, that has been converted into a land vehicle.[1]


They are formed when Meks and enterprising Deathskulls, secure the wrecks of downed Ork aircraft. Should the fuselage be relatively intact, the more speed-crazed Meks will merrily weld it together with tracks, engines, guns, and the largest drill or cutting tool they can find. The Meks happily construct these vehicles despite the fact that the wreck could have been rebuilt into another aircraft instead of a ground vehicle.[1]

A favorite amongst Speed Freeks and grounded Flyboyz, Megatrakk Scrapjets are rocket-propelled and boost impressive firepower that includes a Rokkit Kannon, twin Big Shootas, and wing missiles. Their frontal drills and extreme speed allowing for devastating ramming attacks. All of this comes at a cost of less Teef than an actual Dakkajet. These vehicles further allow a downed Ork pilot to get back into the cockpit while reveling in mowing down the enemy at point-blank range. In some cases it is speculated that this desire is what caused the Flyboy to crash in the first place.[1]

The Orks have also created floating Scrapjets, by attaching an unknown device to them.[2]

Famous Megatrakk Scrapjet Pilots


Megatrakk Scrapjet[3]

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