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Merchants Guild

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The Merchants Guild is Necromunda's economic powerhouse, that is composed of dozens of individual Guilds that administrate the constant flow of vital supplies (and of course, credits) into the world's Hives.[1]

Each Guild is composed of thousands of merchant families, more commonly known as Guilders, who have been granted charters by Necromunda's Planetary Governor, Lord Helmawr, that authorizes them to exclusively handle certain vital resources the Hive World possesses. Because of this, the power of individual Guilds vary from Hive to Hive, often depending on the local resources that are available to them.[1]

In the terms of Necromunda's power structure, the Merchants Guild has laid between the noble Great Houses and their vassal gang Clan Houses for centuries. This allowed the Merchants Guild to prosper to its current state, as originally merchant families were able to broker deals between warring clans and ensure that trade flowed smoothly into the Hives, even when gang warfare threatened to tear them apart.[1]

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