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Mercutane's Knight, Adamant Wrath.[1]

Mercutane is an Imperial Knight of House Terryn.[1]

Mercutane is as unyielding as the gates of an armoured fortress. He is fortified in mind, body and soul by his unshakable faith in the Emperor, and would gladly give his life in defence of the Imperium. Of course, Mercutane’s enemies would not find that life easy to take, especially while he sits within the indomitable Knight Valiant known as Adamant Wrath. This Dominus-class war engine is infamously stubborn, its machine spirit refusing to yield no matter how much damage it suffers. At Gallows Ridge, Adamant Wrath absorbed the fire of an entire renegade artillery company, weathering their punishing salvoes long enough to annihilate them with its own fearsome array of close-range armaments. [1]

Such a pairing of resolute Noble and stalwart Knight has only served to magnify the strengths of both, and Adamant Wrath is currently known as House Terryn’s most unshakeable defender.[1]