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Mercy (Short Story)

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Mercy (cover).jpg
Cover art
Author Danie Ware
Publisher Black Library
Series Adepta Sororitas (Novel Series)
Preceded by The Bloodied Rose (Novella)
Released April 2018
Collected in Inferno! (2018) Vol.1
The Hammer and the Eagle: Icons of Warhammer
Inferno! A Warhammer 40,000 Collection
The Rose at War

Mercy is a short story by Danie Ware. It was published in ebook format in April 2018.

Cover Description[1]

Sister Superior Augusta Santorus of the Order of the Bloody Rose has been called to a planet in the far reaches of the Imperium, a world where no Imperial foot has stepped in thousands of years, save a missionary sent to bring the Emperor's light to the natives. On the world is a cathedral, ancient and run down – but with an icon at its heart, a warrior-woman with a bloodied rose on her chest. Is this a symbol that Saint Mina, founder of the Order, once walked on this world? Augusta is determined to find out...


Part of the story description on the Black Library website is misspelled ("...no Imperial foot has stepped in thousands of year [sic], save...").[1]

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