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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Imperial Hive World; for the Eldar Maiden World, see Meridian (Maiden World).

Meridian is the capitol world of Subsector Aurelia, and is, along with Calderis, Typhon Primaris, and Aurelia, under the protection of the Blood Ravens Space Marine Chapter.[1] Its Aestimare is A431.[2]

Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Meridian Meridian.png
Segmentum: Ultima
Sector: Korianis[3]
Subsector: Subsector Aurelia
System: Unknown
Population: 32 billion
Affiliation: Imperium
Class: Hive World
Tithe Grade: Exactis Secundus

Geography and History

A Hive World, Meridian's surface is a teeming planetary metropolis, with huge city-spires rising from urban landscapes the size of continents. The planet is also an industrial power, producing everything from household goods to lasguns and aircraft.[Needs Citation]

Meridian accounts for well over 90% of the total population and economic output of Subsector Aurelia. For this reason, the Governor of the sub-sector sees the other worlds under his rule as little more than a resource frontier, whereas his primary concern is Meridian's links to the larger Imperium.[Needs Citation]

In M41, Subsector Aurelia was invaded by a Tyranid Hive Fleet. Anticipating the threat, an Eldar raiding force under Farseer Idranel stirred up Orks on several of the worlds in an attempt to blunt the invasion. On Meridian, Governor Gregor Vandis of House Vandis largely ignored the Ork and Eldar activity among his people, until the Eldar raided a warehouse belonging to one of the planet's ruling families.[1]

Even discounting the Tyranids, Meridian was hardly the secure bastion the Governor pretended it was. Ork smugglers from the Blood Axe clan could be found lurking in the shadows of certain hab-spires, while Eldar infiltrated the higher strata to recover artifacts pilfered from the ruins of Typhon Primaris.[1]

When signs of the Tyranids became clear, Vandis hastily abandoned the planet, leaving his adjutant, Administrator Elena Derosa in charge. Without any clear information on the situation, Derosa did her best to liaise with the the Blood Ravens, while maintaining the official position that Governor Vandis's permission was needed to access Angel Force, Meridian's primary manufactorum.[1]

When the Tyranid menace became clear, she assumed the Governorship herself, granting full access to Angel Forge to allow the Blood Ravens to manufacture the weapons needed to combat the Hive. Before she could do so, however, it was imperative for the Blood Ravens to secure Angel Gate and several outlying forges against the Tyranids, Orks, and Eldar. While Sergeant Tarkus was securing one of these forges, he discovered a warehouse filled with relics that Governor Vandis had stolen from their chapter, including several suits of Terminator armour. Using these weapons, the Blood Ravens were able to eliminate Idranel and secure the planet.[1]

Since the Tyranid invasion, Governor Derosa has continued in office, though only barely trusted by the planet's ruling aristocracy. Several of these dissatisfied nobles were recruited by the Black Legion and turned their private security forces to the service of Chaos.[2]


A typical Hive World, Meridian is ruled by an aristocracy that dominates the upper city, which remains largely indifferent, or ignorant, of the billions of lower-class citizens who inhabit the rest of the hive cities. Among these lower levels, competition for food and other goods is savage, and riots and gang warfare is frequent.[1]

Sergeant Thaddeus was originally a hive-gang leader on Meridian. Before him, no one from Meridian had been recruited to the Blood Ravens for 700 years, its citizens regarded as decadent and weak by the rest of the subsector. Thaddeus's recruitment to the Blood Ravens, on the recommendation of Davian Thule, was regarded with skepticism by the rest of the chapter, but his hive-ganger instincts served him well as an Assault Squad leader.[1]

Canon Conflicts

  • In the novelization of Dawn of War II, by Chris Roberson, Governor Vandis is caught red-handed by Sergeant Aramus (the Force Commander) with his collection of xenos and Chaotic artefacts and Blood Ravens relics, including the recently-disabled Davian Thule's power sword. Instead of fleeing the planet, Vandis is executed on the spot by Aramus.