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Meritech Wars

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The Meritech Wars was a battle between the Imperium and secessionist forces during 211-226.M41.[1]


The clans of the Merates Cluster in the Calixis Sector seceded from the Imperium, rallying many renegade factions to their cause, raiding deep into the sector and causing widespread disruption and anarchy. The wars, at their height, posed the greatest threat to the sector’s stability in generations and even threatened to provoke internecine conflict with the bordering Ixaniad Sector. Thanks to the rise in power of Myram Harvala as sector governor, the Meritech clans were crushed and the worlds of the cluster were scoured clean of life. In the aftermath, the Heretek conspirators known as the Logicians were proved to have been behind the war.[1]

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