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Mesh armour

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the type of Eldar armour; for the type of Imperial armour, see Mesh Armour (Imperial).
Guardian in Mesh Armour[5]

Mesh armour is commonly worn by Eldar Guardians[1]

Mesh Armour is formed of tens of thousands of individual pieces of thermoplas interwoven to produce a dense material resembling reptile scales or chainmail. It becomes momentarily rigid when hit, spreading force across a larger area, thereby reducing the damage. The thermoplas also disperses heat rapidly, giving reasonable protection against energy weapons.[1][2] The material is psychically sensitive, automatically reacting to the wearer's movements and thoughts to maintain a glove-tight fit as they move and fight.[3] Guardian mesh armour also contains additional features, including an independent air supply and heat-sensing lenses.[4]

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