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Mhotep was a Thousand Sons Adeptus Astartes who lived during the time of the Great Crusade and at the early start of the Horus Heresy.[Needs Citation]


He was a psychically talented individual who was subject to the Council of Nikaea, which prevented him and his Primarch from practising sorcery. However, like his kin, he secretly practised his talents and received a vision of the future which revealed to him that he needed to meet an Ultramarine by the name of Cestus. Taking the Waning Moon under his command with a detachment of Prospero Spireguard, they travelled and learnt of the destruction of the Fist of Macragge.[Needs Citation]

Hearing the plea of Captain Cestus, he agreed to place his vessel at his command and worked with the Ultramarines, Space Wolves and World Eaters in tracking the mysterious attacker. To that end, they encountered on their journey the massive vessel known as the Furious Abyss. When the vessel did not hear Cestus' communications, its Captain secretly contacted Mhotep. He revealed his identity as Zadkiel of the Word Bearers and revealed Horus's planned betrayal against the Emperor. He also stated that Lorgar always supported Magnus the Red and that he should join him against the loyalists. Mhotep refused and his vessel was crippled by the Furious Abyss.[Needs Citation]

Despite his vessel's destruction, Mhotep fled his ship and escaped to Cestus's flagship which managed to survive the assault. While being damaged, the ship followed the Furious Abyss through the Warp. However, the vessel's damaged state meant that its Gellar field was weakened and one of its sister ships came under assault by Daemons. The nature of the invaders meant that the Space Marines were ill equipped to handle them - if not for Mhotep's efforts, they would have all been doomed, though it cast suspicion on him that he still practised psychic abilities and for that he was held in detention.[Needs Citation]

He was released when the ship had captured a Word Bearer acolyte who had resisted Space Wolf torture techniques. To that end, Mhotep was called reluctantly and openly displayed his powers in ripping the information from the Word Bearer's mind leaving him a broken shell. The act was not without consequence, as Mhotep found himself in a coma for some time. He was finally awakened and revealed his vision to Cestus who stated that the Thousand Son would find himself under trial for his actions in the future. When the ship reached the Ultramar system, Mhotep was one of the crew that stayed behind the vessel as the rest of the Space Marines made their desperate assault against the Furious Abyss via gunship.[Needs Citation]

It was there that Mhotep realised that their vessel had become possessed by a powerful Daemon that was sowing fear and doubt in order to feed itself, as it was allied with the Word Bearers. A deadly battle was fought between the two that cost Mhotep his life as his vision had foretold but not before defeating the Daemon and sending it back to the Warp.[Needs Citation]


The name Mhotep could be inspired by Imhotep, the name of different historical Egyptian figures.