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This page contains spoilers for: The Bleeding Chalice (Novel)

Michairas was a Space Marine of the Soul Drinkers Chapter.[1a]

While a novice of the Chapter, Michairas served as an equerry to Commander Caeon for some years before he was elevated to a Battle-Brother. As a result, when Caeon was dying of poisoning on the Van Skorvold Star Fort after being stabbed by Veritas Van Skorvold, Michairas was one of the Marines called upon to undertake Caeon's last rites.[1a][1b]

Command of operations aboard the star fort fell to Caeon's named successor, Sarpedon.[1a] However, Sarpedon would end up leading most of the Chapter in rebellion against the Imperium. Michairas was one of the Marines who tried to fight back against Sarpedon and his supporters, but was unsuccessful; as Michairas tried to lead a band of novices to flee aboard the Glory, he was thrown out of an airlock by Sarpedon himself and presumed dead.[1c]

To Sarpedon's surprise, however, Michairas survived this incident. He would eventually serve in the retinue of Inquisitor Thaddeus of the Ordo Hereticus, aiding him in tracking down his renegade former brothers. He was killed fighting against Sarpedon on Stratix Luminae.[2]