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Midas Betancore

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Midas Betancore on the Gun Cutter

Midas Betancore was a Glavian pilot associated with Gregor Eisenhorn, an Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos.


This page contains spoilers for: Eisenhorn (Novel Series)

Little is known of Betancore's life before he was recruited by the Inquisition, only that he was a fine pilot.

Betancore was described by Eisenhorn as the closest thing to a true friend he ever had, and as a confidant as well as his pilot. This in and of itself spoke volumes for Betancore's character, as otherwise Eisenhorn tended to prefer to keep even the best and closest members of his retinue at a professional distance.

In addition to his superb piloting skills Betancore was also a proficient combat specialist, often utilizing a pair of needle pistols and being an expert shot with his rifle. Betancore also possessed exceptional stealth skills, as proved during the incidents preceding the fall of the House of Glaw. He notably evaded capture whilst being hunted on the Glaw estate, raising the alarm that the rest of his party (including Inquisitor Eisenhorn himself) had been captured and enabled Commodus Voke to lead a small army of Gudrunite Rifles to the rescue.

Midas was killed by Fayde Thuring in unknown circumstances.

Appearance and Abilities

Betancore was a dark skinned man, with his hands covered in inset Glavian Bio-Circuitry. This circuitry allowed him to directly interface with ship functions, enabling him to react faster and draw far more performance from his craft than a normal pilot would. He preferred not to blend in with the crowd on occasion, proudly wearing the red-piped black suit of a Glavian pilot.

Betancore was the pilot of Eisenhorn's gun-cutter, a personal spacecraft capable of atmospheric flight, if not independent warp travel. Large enough to contain cabins and crew-quarters for a half-dozen people as well as a sizable cargo deck, the cutter was fast, agile and well-armed with several autocannon turrets.

Midas was fluent in a form of coded language developed by Eisenhorn and his retinue named Glossia. The basic format was created by Eisenhorn when he was 32 years of age, but it grew organically with use over the years, with several of his employees contributing to its form.

Known Associates

Midas Betancore was a member of Eisenhorn's retinue in the earlier days of the Inquisitor's career, and as such associated with others in this elite group. He was succeeded by his daughter, Medea Betancore, whom he never actually met as she was born a month after he was killed.