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Midnias was the last Chapter Master of the Obsidian Glaives, before they were destroyed, during the invasion of their Homeworld Obstiria, by the Red Waaagh! of Warboss Grukk.[2b]


Midnias became the Chapter Master after the Lukal who was killed on the battle for the Hargraven Basilica by the Chaos Space Marine.[2b]

As the Orks invaded their world, Midnias led his Chapter in defending their Fortress Monastery, the Penumbral Spike[1a], during an assault by Warlord Flamegut. When the Orks breached the defenses of the Penumbral Spike, Midnias gave the order to awaken all the Dreadnoughts within the Fortress Monastery[1b] and with their aid, they destroyed the Orks; with Midnias personally killing the Warlord. Victory came at a heavy cost however, as a large number of his Chapter fell in the battle and the Penumbral Spike was left in ruins. The Dreadnoughts also bore the cost, as a majority of the ancient warriors were destroyed and with their deaths a large part of the Chapter's history was lost. Midnias could not spend the time to grieve however, as Warboss Grukk led the majority of his Waaagh! to what remained of the Penumbral Spike.[1c]

With the Penumbral Spike left indefensible, by the battle with Warlord Flamegut, Midnias led what remained of his Chapter to the treacherous terrain known as the Black Gulch. The Black Gulch was one of the only ways to approach the Penumbral Spike and Midnias hoped to use its jagged mountain ranges, to his advantage by forcing the Orks to fight the Obsidian Glaives in groups instead of one large wave. It soon worked as intended, as the Orks were forced to break apart to reach the Chapter. As the battle started, Midnias led a group of Assault Marines in attacking Warboss Grukk, hoping to kill him and destroy the Waaagh![2a]. When the two finally met in the battle, the surrounded Midnias bellowed a challenge to the Warboss and a duel soon began between them, with the Warboss forbidding any Orks from interfering. Midnias was no match for the Warboss however, as Grukk easily overpowered the Chapter Master and proceeded to show whey he was called the Face-Rippa, by biting the front of Midnias' head off.[2b]

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