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Midnight on the Street of Knives (Short Story)

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Midnight on the Street of Knives
Author Andy Chambers
Publisher Black Library
Series Dark Eldar
Followed by Path of the Renegade
Released June 2011
Collected in There Is Only War
Editions ISBN 9780857872258

Midnight on the Street of Knives is a short story by Andy Chambers, published online in June 2011 by Black Library.[1] This story serves as a prequel to the Dark Eldar series.[2]

Cover Description

Xagor is on an errand for his haemonculus master, the delivery of a thoroughly unimportant package and some tremendously important news. A Dysjunction is coming, and Commorragh will be shaken to its very foundations. As Xagor travels the dangerous streets of the dark city, he is sure he is being followed.

Kharbyr has been sent to capture a package. Hunting the servant of a twisted haemonculus through the warrens of Commorragh, he is eager to slip his knife between his prey’s ribs and watch the life flee from him. But the servant is behaving oddly, and Kharbyr suspects that there is more to the other eldar’s task than a simple delivery.

A game of cat and mouse can lead to anything. Especially at midnight on the Street of Knives. [1]

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