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Mikal Dorden

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Trooper; for the medic, see Tolin Dorden.

Mikal Dorden was a infantryman[3b] of the Tanith First and Only, who served as a vox-operator in the regiment's ninth platoon[1] under Sergeant Hasker.[2]


Mikal enlisted in the Astra Militarum alongside his father, Doctor Tolin Dorden, who became the regiment's Chief Medical Officer. All of their other surviving relatives, including Mikal's sister Clara, perished in the Fall of Tanith.[2] At that time, Tolin and Mikal were the only blood relatives among the Tanith First.[4]

Mikal himself was killed in action when the Tanith were deployed on Verghast against the Ferrozoicans in the Siege of Vervunhive.[3a][3b][4]