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A Militant-Apostolic is a unique title within the Ecclesiarchy that was created by Lord Commander Guilliman after he was reborn in late M41.

Guilliman did so in order to strongly ensure he had the Ecclesiarchy's support for the actions and changes he conducted as the Imperium's Lord Commander. The main duty for those who hold the title is to allay any fears that Guilliman is a heretic for believing the Emperor is not a God, and to grant assurances that his non-belief will not spread across the Imperium. Though the Ecclesiarchy would gladly decide who becomes a Militant-Apostolic, Guilliman prefers to do it himself and often picks free-willed members from the lower ranks of the priesthood[1]. In order ensure those who bear the title are always near Guilliman so that they can conduct their duties, a large chamber within the Lord Commander's flagship, the Macragge's Honour, has been turned into an office for the Militant-Apostolic.[2]

Known Militant-Apostolics