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Saint Mina was an Imperial Saint. During the Age of Apostasy she was one of the commanders of the Brides of the Emperor and accompanied Alicia Dominica to the Golden Throne.[2]

She had a reputation for being fierce, mysterious and deadly in battle. She served as Alicia Dominica's champion and slew many warriors in hand-to-hand combat during the Wars of Apostasy. It is even said when Custodians entered the Ecclesiarchal Palace to summon Alicia Dominica to the Golden Throne, she dueled their leader to a standstill. In her lifetime she led a small group of Sisters which served as the bodyguards of Ecclesiarch Deacis VI.[3]

Ultimately Mina was murdered on Hydraphur[3] by a Khornate blood cult, whose agents had attacked her while praying. Her body was found along with the shrine, covered in the blood and the corpses of twenty of her attackers. Her symbol, the red rose, represents her strong character and her final death. Thus, the Order of the Bloody Rose was created to honour her spirit and her martyrdom.

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