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Inferno! Presents: The Inquisition

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Inferno! Presents: The Inquisition
Cover art
Released October 2021[2]
Preceded by Inferno! (2021) Vol.6
Followed by Inferno! A Warhammer 40,000 Collection

Inferno! Presents: The Inquisition is an anthology of short stories about the Inquisition.


This special volume of Inferno! includes eleven short stories featuring agents of the iconic Imperial Inquisition – from puritan witch hunters to radicals of the Ordo Xenos. These ruthless individuals will stop at nothing to purge the galaxy of heresy in the Emperor's name![1]


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The short story Knife Flight was spelled as Knife Fight on the Black Library website but spelled as Knife Flight consistently in the anthology Inferno! Presents: The Inquisition.