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Miniatures (Sisters of Battle)

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A gallery of miniatures produced by Games Workshop & Forgeworld for the Adepta Sororitas in Warhammer 40000.

2nd Edition (1994-1998)[100]

1997 - Codex: Sisters of Battle (2nd Edition)

3rd Edition (1998-2004)[101]

2003 - Codex: Witch Hunters (3rd Edition)

7th Edition (2014-2017)

2017 - Gathering Storm: Fall of Cadia

8th Edition (2017-2020)

2019 - Sisters of Battle Army Set
2020 - Codex: Adepta Sororitas (8th Edition)

9th Edition (2020-)

2021 - Codex: Adepta Sororitas (9th Edition)

Forge World[104]

Adepta Sororitas Forces
Command CanonessSororitas Command SquadPalatineSister SuperiorSister HospitallerSister DialogusSister FamulousImagifierReliquant at ArmsDogmataHagiolaterMinistorum Priest (ConfessorMissionary)Ecclesiarchy Battle Conclave (CrusaderDeath Cult AssassinArco-Flagellant)
Elites Celestian Squad (Sacresant)Repentia Squad (Repentia Superior)Oblatia Squad
Troops Battle Sister SquadSeraphim SquadZephyrim SquadDominion SquadRetributor SquadNovitiate Squad
Walkers Penitent EngineMortifierAnchoriteParagon Warsuit
Vehicles CastigatorRhinoImmolatorRepressorExorcistMobile Cathedral
Aircraft AvengerLightning StrikeThunderhawkAquila LanderArvus Lighter
Characters Saint CelestineMorvenn VahlAestred ThurgaAgathae DolanUriah JacobusEphrael SternGeminae SuperiaJunith Eruita