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Miniatures: Space Wolves

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Gallery of miniatures (unique sculpts) produced by Games Workshop & Forgeworld for the Space Wolves and their Successor Chapters Miniatures

Rogue Trader (1987-1993)

1993 - January to March

2nd Edition (1993-1998)

1994 - Codex: Space Wolves (2nd Edition)

3rd Edition (1998-2004)

2000 - Codex: Space Wolves (3rd Edition)
2003 - Codex: Eye of Terror

5th Edition (2008-2012)

2009 - Codex: Space Wolves (5th Edition)

7th Edition (2014-2017)

2014 - Codex: Space Wolves (7th Edition)

8th Edition (2017-2020)

2018 - Codex: Space Wolves (8th Edition)
2020 - Psychic Awakening: Saga of the Beast

9th Edition

Space Wolves Forces
Command Great WolfWolf Lord (Primaris Wolf Lord)Battle Leader (Wolf Guard Battle Leader • Primaris Battle Leader)Chapter AncientCompany AncientChapter ChampionCompany Champion
Priesthood Rune Priest (Primaris Rune Priest)Wolf Priest (Primaris Wolf Priest)Iron Priest (Primaris Iron Priest)
Veterans Wolf GuardChapter AncientsThunderwolf CavalryGreat Company ChampionVeteran Intercessors
Battleline Grey HuntersIntercessors (Heavy Intercessor) • Infiltrators
Close Support Blood ClawsAssault IntercessorSwiftclawsSkyclawsInceptorsReivers (Hounds of Morkai) • IncursorsWulfenFenrisian Wolves (Cyberwolves)
Fire Support Long FangsAggressorsHellblastersEliminatorsSuppressorsCenturion
Scout Wolf ScoutsLone WolvesWolf Scout Scout Bikers
Vehicles Dreadnoughts (WulfenVenerableRedemptorContemptor)Land Raider (CrusaderRedeemerWrath of Mjalnar) • Repulsor (Executioner) • Land Speeders (Storm) • Storm SpeederRhinoRazorbackImpulsorPredator (AnnihilatorDestructor) • InvictorGladiatorInvaderVindicatorWhirlwindStalkerHunter
Aircraft StormwolfStormfangStormhawkThunderhawkDrop Pod
Special Characters Logan GrimnarRagnar BlackmaneHarald DeathwolfCanis WolfbornKrom DragongazeArjac RockfistNjal StormcallerUlrik the SlayerLukas the TricksterBjornMurderfang

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