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Miniatures: Thousand Sons

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Gallery of Thousand Sons miniatures

1st Edition (1987-1993)

2nd Edition (1993-1998)

3rd Edition

2002 - Codex: Chaos Space Marines (3rd Edition, 2nd Codex)

7th Edition (2014-2017)

8th Edition (2017-2020)

9th Edition (2020-)


Thousand Sons Forces
Command Exalted SorcererSorcererScarab Occult SorcererAspiring SorcererInfernal MasterDaemon Prince
Troops RubicaeScarab Occult TerminatorTzaangorTzaangor EnlightenedTzaangor ShamanTzaangor SkyfireHorrorFlamerScreamerChaos SpawnTutelaryCultistsThrall Wizard
Vehicles HelbruteFerrum Infernus DreadnoughtRhinoPredatorLand RaiderVindicator
Daemon Engines DefilerForgefiendMaulerfiendHeldrakeSilver TowerFire LordDoom Wing
Special Characters Magnus the RedAhriman

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